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Sunday, September 30, 2018

CBSE VS PSEB - Which board is better for your child in Future(2018-19 Onwards)??


This article will remove your all doubts CBSE VS PSEB. Now, you can easily take the decision about your child admission in CBSE or PSEB. I tried to explain in detail about both the board CBSE VS PSEB. Both are good and both have some disadvantages which I will explain in this article for your child's future. 
CBSE VS PSEB - Which board is better for your child in Future(2018-19 Onwards)??
CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education.
PSEB stands for Punjab School Education Board.

Let's Learn something about both the board in the article CBSE VS PSEB. 

1. Governments Board: Both are the Government Boards but the CBSE is a board of National Level while PSEB is a board of Stated Government i.e. Punjab Government. 

2. Syllabus: CBSE VS PSEB has a big difference in terms of the syllabus. CBSE Board follows the Syllabus of NCERT. The NCERT stands for National Council of Education Research and Training. NCERT is an autonomous organization and forms by Government of India.
PSEB follows the Syllabus of SCERT. The SCERT  stands for the State Council of Education Research and Training. It is also an autonomous organization and forms by the State Government of India. 
The Candidates who are studying in CBSE has a huge advantage of following NCERT syllabus and I will explain that advantage in next the point. 

3. National Exams: Many National Exams follow the syllabus of NCERT to conduct the exams such as NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance TEST.). NEET  fills the 100% seats of MBBS and BDS in India.
JEE also follows the NCERT syllabus. JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination. JEE fills B.E./ B. Tech/ B. Architecture/ B. Planning seats in NITs, IITs and CFTI's. 
Some other's exams such as SSC, State Government Exams and Punjab Public Service Commission also follow the Syllabus of NCERT
From the past many years, IIT's got more than  50% of students from CBSE Board
In simple words, the students of CBSE can easily crack these exams while the students of PSEB have to work hard to crack these national exams. 

4. Ratta or Rote Learning: In the comparison of CBSE VS PSEB, the CBSE has never preferred to Ratta or Rote Learning or Cram the books. The CBSE board encourages more Analytical and Reasoning Abilities than memorizing. Analytical and Reasoning Abilities make the student more creative and sharp while Ratt/ Rote learning does nothing for student creativity and sharpness.
The CBSE board is going to change the paper pattern from 2020 to completely stop the Ratta or Rote learning and will encourage more Analytical and Reasoning abilities in students. This news has been published in The Times of India on 25th August 2018.  
On the other hands, PSEB syllabus is based on Ratta or Rote Learning which I feel from my experience. 
In simple words, the CBSE board will create more brilliant students with Analytical and Reasoning techniques for India in future.

5. Subjects (9th and 10th standard): In CBSE VS PSEB, the PSEB has one extra subject as compared to CBSE. The CBSE has 5 main subjects (Math, Science, Social Science, English, and 1 Extra Language) and 1 Vocational Subject (Generally IT).
While in PSEB, there are 6 main subjects (Math, Science, Social Science, English, Local Language, and 1 Extra Language).
So there is an extra burden of one subject in PSEB on students. Therefore, the students can not give extra time to the main subjects as they have to read one more subject as compared to CBSE students.  
While CBSE students can give their extra time to main subjects. This is another advantage of CBSE Board. 

6. Tuition Hours (9th and 10th Standard): The CBSE board completes their syllabus in 325 hours to 350 hours in a year. So the students have time to revise their subjects comfortably in remaining time. 
While other state boards take 425 hours to 475 hours to complete their syllabus. So the state boards students have less time for their revision.

7. National Achievement Survey 2017-18: NAS has conducted a survey of the students of 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th class. The performance of CBSE students is excellent as compared to state boards students. The state boards students did not perform well as compared to CBSE students. 

8. Architecture: In CBSE VS PSEB, the CBSE board architecture of buildings is far better than PSEB board schools. The CBSE board has stringent conditions for the school for the buildings. The CBSE school has the modern architecture in their building while the PSEB board school are far behind in this field also.

9. Fees: In this field, the PSEB board is better than the CBSE board. The PSEB board is very cheaper than the CBSE board. A poor person child can easily study in the PSEB while in the CBSE board, the middle-class or upper-class students can study. The middle sometimes also finds tough to study their child in the CBSE because they are expensive. 

10. International Recognition: The CBSE board has a little more edge to the point of international recognition as compared to the PSEB board. Because the CBSE is a national board so it recognizes more as compared to state boards. 

11. Homework: The CBSE students get less homework as compared to the PSEB board. Because the CBSE board has less syllabus and completes syllabus in less time than the PSEB Board.

12. Online Classes, or other stuff: In the comparison of CBSE VS PSEB, there is more stuff available for CBSE students. This material is free as well as paid. There are many websites who teaches the CBSE students for free and some are taking fees to teach online. There are many free or paid video for the CBSE students on YouTube. There are also many apps who also teach the CBSE students online.  So CBSE students can easily online with free stuff as well as paid. 
While for the PSEB board, these kind of facilities are very less. 

In my point of view in CBSE VS PSEB, the CBSE students are more intelligent than PSEB board students. The CBSE students are more sharp and intelligent because they get the excellent syllabus, good teacher and training, and advanced facilities to study. If parents can afford the cost of the CBSE board school, then they should study their child in the CBSE board.   

If you like the article CBSE VS PSEB, then please comment below. 

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