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Friday, September 14, 2018

The Best Physics Educational YouTube Channels For Science Students In India For Deep Knowledge

The Best Physics Educational YouTube Channels For Science Students In India For Deep Knowledge: 
The best way to study at present is YouTube. YouTube has a large collection of videos on almost every topic. There are many educators on YouTube who are specialist in their field. I personally think if a student learns from the YouTube then the student will have more clarity of topic because the many teachers on this platform are the mastermind of their field. 
The Best Physics Educational YouTube Channels  For Science Students In India For Deep Knowledge
The Best Physics Educational YouTube Channels  For Science Students In India For Deep Knowledge

Let's see The Best Educational YouTube Channel For Science Students In India For Deep Knowledge: 
In this article, I will mention the YouTube Channel for the Study of Science Stream for Class 9th to 12th mostly. 

Physics is the important subject for all the students from class 11th. Many students find tough to understand the concept of Physics and that's why they find this subject boring.

But this subject is very interesting because it is based on the logic. 

If the student gets a right teacher to teach this subject than the sky is the limit for that student to get the marks. 
Now let's see the YouTube Channel Based on the Subject Physics. 

1. Pradeep Kshetrapal: This is a free YouTube Channel from where a student can learn Physics from mastermind teacher. This channel mostly provides all the video in the Hindi language.
It has lots subscribe and 2000+ videos for the students. 
First, this channel provides videos for Physics in starting. Now, this channel provides videos for the chemistry, Math, Bio, and Computer also. 
The teachers on this channel are very good and they provide the deep details of the subject. 
But the content on this channel is not properly managed. They did not make playlists properly. This is the disadvantage of this channel. 
If you want to learn for the particular class or subject just type the name of the class or subject with Pradeep Kshetrapal then you will get easily content rather than try to explore the channel of Pradeep.

2. Physics Galaxy: This is another very good YouTube Channel to study the Physics subject. This channel provides videos for the only subject that is Physics. This channel has lots of subscriber and 7600+ videos. 
The language used in the video is English. The students who understand the English took a lot of information from this channel because the teacher on this channel is awesome. 
This channel gives video not for class 7th to 12 on Physics but also provide the videos of Physics for the exam of JEE Mains, JEE Advanced and NEET etc. 
This channel uploads videos regular which is a big plus point of this channel. Moreover, they make proper playlists of their content so that a visitor will not find any difficulty to find the content of its requirement. 

3. Physics Vivek Phalake: This is another very good Physics channel. This channel has 160 physics video. The content is properly managed in the playlists. A student can easily find the topic of its choice. This channel is totally focused on Subject Physics. In other words, the Niche of this Teacher is Physics. 
The mode of language is Hindi which is good for the students who does not understand the English well. 
The Teacher is very good and The method of teaching is also very good. 

4. EduPoint: It is another awesome channel to learn Physics with ease. The Content Creator on this channel is Ajit Dariapa who is Physics Graduate and Java Certified Programmer. 
He joined sub-inspector in CBI in 2012 and resigned from his post. He loves teaching and now teaching Physics to the students. 
This channel teaches Physics not up to grade 12 but also up to the graduate level. This channel has some Physics video for the College Student. EduPoint provides video for Math and Chemistry as well. 
The teacher is very good and the way of teaching is awesome. Almost all the videos are free for the students. 

5. Arvind Academy: It is a YouTube channel for the Class of 11th and 12th students. Arvind Academy mainly teaches two subjects Math and Physics. This channel Motive to clear the Basic Concept to the students. 
The quality of the video content is very good. The content creator name is Arvind. His teaching style is good and has deep knowledge about his field. 
This channel does not focus on the just making Physics and Math Videos. It also tried to motivate the student through the real world example. This channel makes a motivational video to motivate the student who lost their focus from the study. 
Overall, the Channel is trying to work on every weakness of the students to make them perfect. 

6. Study Knowledge: This will be the last channel which will I discuss in this article. This is the last, not the least.
This is another channel which provides free video to the students in the field of Physics, Math, and Chemistry etc.
This channel is all rounder. It gives knowledge of many subjects of the class 11th and 12th. 
Major benefits of this channel are that it gives the video in Hindi. Many students found tough to understand in English. For those students, it is very helpful. 
This channel has a large number of subscriber and videos. The content provider has good knowledge about his subjects. The way of teaching is awesome. 

These are some channel which I think is best for the students. But there are many other channels which also have excellent content for the students. 
In my opinion, A students should not study for one teacher because every teacher has something new to teach to the students. Sometimes one topic is not clear from one teacher while the other teacher teaches that topic very ease. So a student should try to learn from many channels from YouTube.
I also learn many subjects on YouTube. YouTube is like a treasury of Education where the teachers are available from every corner of India as well as World. 

 If you find this article helpful, please comment below because your feedback gives the energy to write more and more article for you. 

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