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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Bad effects of Mobile Phones on Children || Dangers of Cell Phones For Kids

13 Bad Impacts of Cell Phones on Kids Health:

Cell phones bad effects on child health.
Cell Phone has  negative impacts on child
The mobile phones are an easy way out the parents to convince the children for eating, stay calm, and fun, etc. But, the cellular phone has terrible impacts on child health and parents are not aware of it.

China called the mobile addition as Electronic Heroin and has a detoxification center to save children from this addiction. Scientist believes that mobile addiction is the same as drug addiction.

This article will tell you the major health impact on child health which can damage the whole life of the child if parents did not give attention to its child.

Bad Impacts of Cell Phone For Small Kids

1. Weak Gripping: According to a study in the UK, the kid has a weak grip of the pencil due to the mobile touch screen. 

If the child is playing too much gaming on the mobile phones then child too much used the touch screen so its hand's nerves get weaken and these nerves send the poor signal to the brain. Due to this weak signal, the mind of the child is unable to understand the signal and child has difficulty to grasp the pencil with a strong grip. 

As a result, these kind children are poor in writing and other holding activities of the objects. 

2. Weak Eyes-Sight: The mobile phone has a worse effect on the child’s eyes. Actually, mobile radiation and the screen can damage a lot. 

The screen of cell phone damages the lubricants in the eyes which makes the eyes dry. And, dry eyes have many harmful effects on the eyes. 

The screen of mobiles reduces the eye flipping in a minute in the children. A person should flip eyes 14-18 times in a minute but the mobile’s screen reduced to it 1-7 times in a minute. So, the child can have eye strain, pain, dry eyes and redness in the eyes. 

Moreover, The electromagnetic waves from the cell phone can also harm the eyes of the child. 

3. Hamper Brain Development: The brain of a child is developing at a rapid pace up to 5 years and it grows up to 18 years. 

The radiation of mobiles phones harm the developing neurons of the brain which affects brain development. 

4. Less Social and Loneliness: The Wireless Telephone addicted children are less social as well as they have the habit to remain alone. 

When the child has a mobile phone in its hand then it is so indulged in the radio phone that the child does not like that someone disturbs him. This creates loneliness habits in them

Moreover, the children are still alone when they are sitting with many people because their whole focus is in cell phone and they are not aware of their surroundings. So, they are alone although they are sitting with others. 

These things make them less social because they are not comfortable with others. 

A less social child is low in self-esteem as well as confidence while the child can learn many things in social life which the child cannot learn in digital life.

Moreover, Mobiles cut the emotional relationship with parents. 

5. Weak Memory: Many studies show that radiation of cell phones also affect the memory of children. Mobile radiation can disturb the memory neurons in the brain. 

Another reason is search engines. Nowadays, children did not prefer to memorize things. Instead of it, they prefer to search for things on Google Search Engine. This habits also decrease the performance of memory. 

6. Aggressiveness: The children love to play action games on mobile phones. These action games have lots of violence which affects the soft hearts of children. Therefore, Children who are playing actions games are more aggressive than normal pupils. 

These action games have another effect on children such as these kind children always fight with other children for little-2 things and have irritative behavior. 

7. Digital Zombies: Online gaming is making children digital zombies. In China, the teenager/children use diapers so that they did not want to move away from gaming because if they move then they lose game or gaming points

China is called the Internet Addition is Electronic Heroin

Chinese parents are using sleeping pills to reduce online gaming habits in their children. 

China also has internet detoxification center for internet addiction children. 

8. Poor Sleep: Bedtime usage of phones affects sleep duration as well as the quality of sleep. 

When a person uses a smart before bedtime, then the brain is receiving a constant stream of light from the phone and this basically tells the brain that stay awake. 

The light from the phone actually suppresses the hormone melatonin which induces physiological changes that promote sleep. In other words, hormone melatonin makes the body ready for sleep. 

9. Poor Grades: The children who have overuse of cell phones have weak school performance. Because they lose their interest in the study and they love to play games or watch others stuff on mobile phones. 

Another reason for poor grades is that the students have less time to study due to over usage of phones as well as loss concentration in study. 

10. Nomophobia: This is a fear which founds in phone additive children. In it, the child has a fear of being without its mobile phone or being unable to use its mobile phone for any reason such as poor signal, etc. 

11. Neck Problem: This is another common problem in mobile addictive pupils. Due to overuse, the children always feel pain in their neck. 

12. Poor Body Posture: The children use the phone for an hour by wrong sitting posture or lying posture which damages the overall body posture of children. 

13. Super Hero Addiction/ Virtual World: Children watch excessively superhero cartoon on mobile/tv. So, they want to become like them but, the superhero is virtual. 

Therefore, they tried to copy them which change their normal behavior to abnormal. The examples of abnormal behavior is that show body postures like a superhero or talk like them or behave like them.

Sometimes, Children try to copy their activities also such as to fly where they can harm themselves also. 

Conclusion, the cell phones for the kids is not good. Although, it is very Easy way to keep quiet the kids. Parents should use other ways to settle down the children such as play, go for a walk, and conversion with them etc.

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