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Sunday, June 23, 2019

How To Choose A Good School For Your Child???????

Tips to Choose A Good School For Child: 

Good School plays a vital role in child life. Actually, It builds the foundation of prosperous and joyful life of the child. 
Choose a Perfect School For Your Child
Choose a Perfect School For Your Child
A Good School is like the Chinese Bamboo Tree. This tree takes 4-5 years to strengthen its roots in the earth. 

Due to strong roots, Chinese Bamboo Tree can easily face a strong storm without any damage and touch the sky effortlessly.

Same way, if the roots of child education are strong then nothing can stop the child to fly in the sky.

The decision to Choosing a right-minded school is not an easy task. But, if you consider the following tips when you choose the educational institute, then tips will help you to take this decision easily. 

Tips To Choose A Good School: 

1. Distance: Distance between the School and Home has a huge importance in child life. 

The Huge Travelling Time is wastage of time. This time can be used in other activities such as skilled developed, spend that time with parents, study, and play, etc. 

Moreover, traveling will tire the pupil. And the child will have less energy to refresh itself as well as to do other activities such as homework and play.

Additionally, Less Travelling Time also ensures the child security on the road. 

2. Parent Education: Most of the parents do not know about the Psychology of child. And they do not know how to create interest, motivate and help the child in the study. 

Therefore, if a school provides the parenting education programs for parents then it will a lot to shape a strong character of a child. 

3. Academics: A School should be best in the study. The parents should check the board results to see the level of academics of the school. This is the best method to confirm the study level of school. 

You can check this information from the school website. But, always verify the information provided on the school website. 

4. All Over Development: Today's school are more focused on the study. But, the overall development of the students is equally important for a child. 

Allover development means physical, personality, communication, and hidden talent, etc. development in the child.

Extra-Curricular Activities is the best method for the physical development of a kid. The major extra-curricular activities are dancing, music, sports, and arts, etc. 

Note one thing, your child can excel in one or two extra-curricular activities. Therefore, parents should never inclined towards that school which has many extra-curricular activities. 

If a school has major 8-10 extra-curricular activities then, that is sufficient for the kid. Because large no. of extra-curricular activities is not the parameter of a good school. 

5. Inferiority Complex: Parents should never put the child in that school which they can not afford. 

Because, the environment in high-status school will be different from the social, financial and living status of child's parents. 
This can cause the inferiority complex in the child. 
Moreover,  child perspective will change towards its parents and he/she will think that his/her parents are indigenous people due to costly school. 

6. Safety and Security: The school should be safe and secure for the child. It is a vital parameter in choosing the school.

The school should be in low traffic areas, not on the highway, cc tv cameras installed, and high boundary wall to ensure safety. 

The Security Guard should be placed on every gate of the school and no outsider can enter the school. This will ensure the security of the child. 

7. Counselor/Physiologist: This is another vital parameter to choose the right school for the child. 

Many times a child has some questions or issues in his/her mind which he/she can not discuss with parents or teachers. 

Because teachers are busy in teaching, results, and papers, etc and parents are busy in livelihood earnings. 

In this situation, a physiologist can easily solve the problem of child and guide him/her for the right pathway of life. 

8. Teachers and Other Staff: Teacher is the key to education. A teacher should have some qualities like connecting with students, enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience, etc.  

There should be some teaching methodology in school because some children love practical while other theoretical approaches. 

So, teachers should have the capabilities to tailor their teaching according to students. 

The Other Staff in school should be educated as well as well behaved because a child learns a lot from the environment around it. 

9. The Ratio: The student teachers ratio should be 1:25 is good for the students as well as for teachers because the teacher can easily focus on every child.

10. Infrastructure: This is very much important parameter. The parents should check the three types of infrastructure in the school.

(A) Education Infrastructure: There should be a modern computer room, modern library, and modern well-equipped laboratory, etc in the education institute. 
The classroom should have proper lighting, better sitting, and ventilation for the child. And The toilets should be clean and hygienic.  

(B) Extra-Curricular Infra.: The school should have a big playground, badminton court, musical room, musical instruments, and dancing stage, etc. 

(C)Environmental Infra: The environment should be green of the school. There should be lots of different-2 trees and flowers in the school. 

11. Physical Punishment: There should be no physical punishment for students. Because the physical punishment has lots of negative impacts on children. 

No one is perfect and anybody can do mistake in life the same way a child can also do mistakes. 

Therefore, The school should not give physical punishment to the child. The school should try to counsel the child through physiologist. 

12. School's Achievement: The School Achievement is a good parameter to judge the school. The parents should check the board results,  extra-curricular activities, and sports achievement through the school websites. 

It will give an idea about the performance of the school in every field. 

13. Fees: Higher the fees is not guaranteed for quality education. The parents have the normal perception that higher fees school are excellent in every field which is a wrong perception of parents.

14. Disciplined: Discipline is very important in a student's life. The School should be strict in discipline. Parents should always check the past record of a school in the discipline. 

15. Moral Values: The school curriculum should include moral values concept. It makes a student a good person in its life. 

16. Open Mind: Some times parents have two or three schools in their mind for their children. And they are more inclined towards a particular school. So, parents should have an open mind because the other schools are better than a favorite school. 

17. Take A Tour: Parents should take a tour of the school which they think that it is best for their child. Parents should talk with principle and teachers and try to judge them. 

This step will give a lot of information about school promises and claims. 
The parents should take their child with them when they visit the school. 
After visiting the school, parents should take feedback from the child how he/she feel about the school? 
This will help to take the decision in choosing the school. 

18. Feedback: Parents should take feedback from other parents whose children are studying in the school which they finalize for their child.

They should take feedback from 5-10 parents because it will help them to take the right decision about that school. 

FeedBack is the best way to verifying all the information about the school which I mentioned in the above points. 

It is very much important point so parents should not ignore this point. 

19. Medical Room: If a school has a medical room for children then it is very beneficial for them. If there is some kind of medical emergency in school then a school can immediately first aid to its students. 

20. Recess: Some school does not have a recess mechanism which is not good from the student's point of view. Because nobody can concentrate on study for a long period of time. 
Therefore, Recess is necessary for students. 

Conclusion, I know it is a tough task to choose a perfect school for a child but, with the above information, parents can easily take a decision to choose the right school to their children. 

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