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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Do Not Sell Your Personnel Data When You Sold Your Cell Phone

Now you will not sell your personal data Cluelessly after reading this article. But you think that you format the memory card and internal memory. So how it is possible, but it is possible.

 The University of Hertfordshire's Cyber Security Centre found that Many old memory cards have personal photos, videos and documents of the original owner in The U.K.

They found that some people personal data can we view by directly inserting the memory card into the device while other memory cards looks empty but their data can be retrieved easily. 

Suppose if your personal data is in wrong hands, then that person can do to launch phishing attacks though your personal data. 

How is an empty memory card data retrieved?
There are many free apps available in the market that can sniff you deleted data from your phone and memory cards.

How a person can delete data that can be recovered with any apps or software?
Do not just delete data, You should use special apps that clean the memory cards or phones so that no one can recover data after deletion. 

Use the following apps to wipe your personal data that no can recover it from you sold devices. 

  •   Disk Wipe:       For Window Users. 
   I hope you find this article interesting and useful for you. If you want more articles like that please leave a quick comment in the comment box for that. 

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