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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Full Detail of Scholastic Assessment Test (sat exam) for Students of india

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT EXAM): Sat Test is mostly used to take the admission in foreign colleges. The Countries Top Universities like USA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, AND CANADA want a good score from international students to take the admission in their campus. 
Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT EXAM)

The Sat exam is of 1600 Marks. The  1200 Marks is considered a good score of the  SAT. Many students get 1500+ marks which are the brilliant score. 

This test is first started by the Army to check the IQ Level of a candidate in 1926. Then many universities find that the criteria is very good to check the IQ of Student and adopt this system as admission test. In 1940, the test got its popularity. 

Now, Many Universites provide scholarships to the student who gets marks in SAT. 

Many Indian Students cannot afford the high fees of the International Universities so they give the test to get a scholarship from that University. 

In the Old system, SAT SCORE was 2400 but from March 2016, Now the SAT SCORE is 1600. 

According to the New Structure of SAT, There are 2 sections of this test i.e. Evidence-based Reading and Writing and Math. There is 3rd section also but that is optional. 

 Evidence-Based Reading contains 52 questions within 65 Minutes. 

Writing contains 44 questions within 35 Minutes.

In Math, there is two section. One is with a calculator and another is without the calculator.

With Calculator, this section contains 38 questions within 55 Minutes. 

Without a Calculator, this sections has 20 questions within 25 minutes. 

Last is the optional sections i.e. Essay. Essay score also counts separately. This section has 1 task which should be complete in 50 Minutes.

In New Rules, the test will be 3 hours long without an essay. With an Essay, this test will be about 3 hours 5 minutes long. 
This is a very long test within a day and there no break in this test. So a student should mentally prepare for this 4-hour long labor. 

According to new rules, there will be 4 answer choices for the question. There is no penalty for the wrong answer. At present this test format is based on a pen and pencil.  In future, the college board who conducts these tests is planning to take the test on computer. 

SAT TEST has been taken 6-7 times in a year. This test conducts in the month of May, June, August, October, November, December and March. 
There is no restriction on a candidate that how many times he wants to give the test. It is totally on the requirement of the candidates that how many times he wants to appear in the test. 

There are two ways to register for the SAT Test. First is online and the second is the by mail. Online method is very quick and other method is time-consuming. But again, it depends upon the convenience of the student how he wants to register himself for the test. 

A student should go to the college board website and then the required details about himself and upload the image and then pay the fees and this is the procedure to register for the test. You can choose the center of the test as per your convenience. 

The Fees for the SAT without an essay is $47.50 and with the essay $64.50. 

A student can edit his information if he filled some information wrong by mistake.  The admit card can be downloaded or print from the official website of the college board. Just take care one point in mind that your photo should be recent because the same photo will be printed on the admit card. 

If your photo is not recent than official can find tough to recognize you as the same person on the snap of the admit card. So that's why the photo should be recent. 

There are many subjects in SAT 2018 such as  Math,  Biology, Physics, Chemistry and many languages of different countries such as China, Germany, Spain, and the USA. 

Tips for SAT Test: 

1. Focus on Weak Areas: Every Person has some weak points or strong points. For SAT Test, a student should give more time to his weakness as compared to strong areas. I think a student should give more time to weak subjects than strong subjects. 

2. Eat Well and Carefully on Test Day: The Test is almost 4 hours long. So a student should eat the food which has a very good source of protein so that his mind can work properly. And do not eat so much that you feel lazy in the test. Do not go hungry before the test, it would be a blunder. 

3. Sleep Well: Before the test day, do not try to remember too much, just take a good sleep and then get up early morning and make comfortable himself then go for the test. It will make your concentration strong in the test. 

4. Collect Things in Night before test Day: Carefully collect all the things such pen, pencil, admission ticket, ID proof and other things at night before the test day. It will reduce the chances to forget important things at home. 

5. Feel Relax: Do not get stressed before the test that how will I perform in the test. A day can be good or bad. So you cannot judge yourself in a day. Someday it was a bad day, but it does not mean you don't have the potential for success. So you should feel relax and everything will be fine. 

6. Take Breaks: If you feel tired then take a break for 2-3 minutes and then again start the test. It will improve your concentration in the test. 

7. Skip Question: If you don't know the answer to the question then do not waste time on it. Skip that question and move on the next. It will save you time and you will attempt more question in the test. 

I think this information will be beneficial for you. If you find important for you then please comment below. 
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