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Friday, October 12, 2018

The Best 10+ Features Of Android 9.0 Pie

 Andoird 9.0 Pie:

The Android operating system is a giant in the market. It captures most of the market shares. The android is the product of Google, which is also a giant in the information technology. The android is very popular in people due to its performance and other features. 
The Best 10+ Features Of Android 9.0 Pie
The Android 9.0 Pie
Now Google has unveiled the next version of the Android which Android 9.0 Pie. It has many features which are awesome. I will discuss some of them in this article because all the features cannot be discussed in a single article. So I will discuss the most important features of it in this article. 

The Best 10+ features of Android 9.0 Pie

1. Battery Percentage: In the android P, a user can see the battery percentage if the phone is locked. Sometimes, a user wants to see the battery life, but the user has to active the phone screen. But this new update provides this feature to check the battery percentage even the phone's screen is not active. 
2. Redesigned USB Option: In Android Orea, the USB option is short and there is no detail view provided for it. But in Pie, the USB option has totally redesigned. It provides the full detail page about the USB options. 
3. Screenshot Support: Now, a user can take a quick screenshot with Android P. A user has to press the power button and the option to take a screenshot will be appeared and click on the screenshot option then, a screenshot will be taken. 
Moreover, a user can edit the screenshot. A user can crop the screenshot, change color options, and apply other effects to the taken screenshot. 

4. Redesigned Volume Options: The volume options have been redesigned to provide ease the user. Now, the user can control the media from the volume option by clicking the volume button. It also provides control of the connected device. A user can now easily increased or decrease the volume and mute the audio etc. 

5. Quick Setting: The quick setting has also been completely redesigned. Now it is more impressive and beautiful than the older version. When an option is used in it, the options background turned to the blue of that icon which looks very beautiful. 

6. Text Zoom:  The text zoom is provided in the Pie version while Oreo does not have this option. A user can now zoom the text easily. The zoom option is very useful to the user for editing the text and reading the text. 

7. Battery Health: The battery health status has been added in the Android 9.0 which is very good. You can see the health of the battery that the battery works properly or not and turns on the battery mode easily from it. 

8. Bluetooth Files Received Shortcut:  In order version, the user gets a notification in the notification bar when a file is received by Bluetooth and can only access it from the notification bar. Now, a Bluetooth Files Received Shortcut has been added to quickly access the received files. 

9. Game Controller Vibrator Mode: This mode has been added to provide more options to the person who loves to play the game on a mobile phone. 

10. Digital Well Being: This option is great. It will tell you that how much time you have spent on which application. With this, you can control your habit to use less phone by knowing the time you spend on the phone. In other words, the smartphone addition can be reduced. 

11. App Timer: Now, a user can set the time that how much time he/she wants to use the particular application. Suppose you have set the 1 hour time for YouTube. When the  1 hour time is closed then it will send a notification of that the time is near to close this application. After 1 hour it will automatically close the application. Although, a user can also have the control to change the time option or on/off it also. 

12. Do Not Disturb: This option stops all the notification to do no disturb you when you are busy or going to sleep. This is good because you can stop all the notification with just one click.

13. Bluetooth Devices: A user can connect 5 devices simultaneously with the phone. This is great to connect more devices at the same time. 
In Conclusion,
This is a great update from Google to its user. This version provides more control to the user with more functionality. I think that every user should install this update because it will fill their phone with more and more functionalities.  It has many more features which I can not write in a single article. So, I only mentioned the important features only here. 

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