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Saturday, August 4, 2018



The Cyber Security Expert is the best Job in Present and will be in Future also because these jobs are growing at a rapid pace in the whole world.
Cyber Security Career

Why Cyber Security Professional Jobs Demand is growing at this rapid pace?

These jobs are growing at a rapid pace because the whole world has a concern about data safety. The hackers are attacking the major websites to get personal data of people and then use this data to make money by cracking their Bank Details or with other ways. So a country wants to secure his data, then he needs a Cyber Security Expert which can be a wall between the Hacker and Personal Data. But all the countries are facing the Shortage of Cyber Security Masters. That's why This Career has a bright future. 

What is Cyber Security Expert?  
A Cyber Security Analyst protects the computer from a hacker who wants the personal or finical information of an individual or company. IT Expert prevents attacks through his expertise of Hardware, Network, Database, Firewall, and Encryption. 

How Much Salary A Cyber Security Professional gets?
The Cyber Security Pros salary is three times more than others jobs of a Nation. The average salary of The Cyber Security Master is $116,000 or $55.00 per hour. 

What type of Qualification is required for an IT Expert?
At least, a person should have a bachelor degree in information technology to become the Cyber Security Expert. But a student required a sharp IQ and should have the knowledge of coding of information technology.

A career in  Cyber Security:
1. Chief Information Security Officer(CISO): Chief Information Security Officer is Mid-Level Executive Position in Company. His duty to manage the general operation of a company regarding security. He plans everything regarding the organization's security. CISO directly communicates with the high authority of the company. He finds best cybersecurity professional for the company. He takes care of the company staff's requirement regarding cybersecurity. 
To become a CISO of Company, A person required a bachelor degree in Cyber Security or Information technology and relevant experience according to company requirements. 

2. Forensic Computer Analyst: Forensic Computer Analyst is the detective of Computer Security. He finds the footprints of data breach i.e. From a hacker enter in the company data. He has mostly handled the hard drive of a company. He installs software to find the vulnerabilities in the system and also recover the damaged data from hard drives. His knowledge level should be high because this is very sensitive data.
To Become A Forensic Computer Analyst bachelor degree is required in Forensic Computing or Computer Security. Experience as per company requirement. 

3. Information Security Analyst: He is responsible for the protection of computer and networks. He also plans for computer security by installing software of data encryption and firewalls. He should be updated about the latest trend in information technology or cyber attack. 
A person needs a bachelor degree in computer science. 

4. Penetration Tester: A penetration Tester is found loopholes in the system. He finds loopholes by hacking the system with the authorization of the company. He finds vulnerabilities in the operating system, application programs, and other configuration.  He should be creative as he has to hack the system. 
A bachelor degree in computer science or information technology is required to become a Penetration Tester. 

5. IT Security Engineer: His duties to design the security system of the organization. He does maintenance of the system as well as find the loopholes in the systems. 
A Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineer or Electrical Engineer or Computer Science is required for this job.
6. IT Security Consultant: IT Security Consultant is the main tasks to give the advice to its clients regarding security. He gives advice such how a company can protect his system in an effective way and with low cost. 
A bachelor degree is required in Cyber Security, Information technology or Computer Science. 

Skills Required to Become A Cyber Security Expert:

1. High Communication: This field required high communication skill as IT Expert has to communicate with many people in the organization or outside the company. If he has high communication, then he can easily convince a person about an opinion or thoughts. If you have high communication skills, then this will add extra weight-age to your resume. 

2. Programming Skill:- An IT Expert needs high programming skills as he needs to write his own scripts. The expert should be proficient in writing for codes. If he can read the codes, then he can easily understand the threats in codes. A programming skill is an essential skill to become a cybersecurity expert. 

3. Works as a Team Member: Working as a Team Member is the very important skill for cybersecurity master. In a company many professionals work together to provide complete security to the system. So you have to work as a team member. You cannot choose an individual path to achieve your goal. You have to works together to give complete security to the system. You have to understand other and complete your tasks on time to works as a good team member. 

4. Problem Solving Skills:  A person should have a problem-solving skill in itself to become an expert in security. Sometimes, an expert has to cope with complex problems in this field. That's why this skill is also important.

5. Malicious Code:  A person should have knowledge of malicious codes which are currently active in the hacking world. If he is aware then he can easily identify the threat and provide proper protection to the system.

6. Network Protocols: As an expert, you should have complete knowledge of the network's protocols. Because you have to also make secure the company networks with the outside world. 

7. Hacker Techniques: A expert should know all the techniques of the intruder which he can use to hack the company personnel and finical information. If you know well about this then you can prevent and analyze the system well.  
Free Online Learning Course of Cyber Security: If you want to learn free Cyber Security Courses then CYRARY  Website is the best platform.  All the content on this website is Free. 

This is the information which can help you to become A Cyber Security Expert. In my opinion, this field is the best field for the IT Student and he should work hard to become a Cyber Security Expert. 

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