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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Features, Speed and Reliability of Qualcomm Processor Snapdragon 845 For Mobile Phones

Features, Speed and Reliability of Qualcomm Processor Snapdragon 845:

  Snapdragon 845 is the beast in the processor. It is very popular in the market and more and more company are installing this processor in their mobile phones. Overall, It is a very powerful processor in the market. 
Features, Speed and Reliability of qualcomm processor snapdragon 845 mobile phones
Features, Speed and Reliability of Qualcomm Processor Snapdragon 845 Mobile Phones

   Before talking about the Snapdragon 845, Let's see something about the Qualcomm company who made this beast. 

Qualcomm: It is an American Multinational Company, which makes wireless telecommunications products and services.  This company founded in 1985 (33 years ago). Its headquarter is in San Diego, California, USA. It has 33, 800 employees in their organization. It gets it most of the revenue from chip making for mobile phones and this company enters into the market of computers by providing a Snapdragon 850 processor for computers. 

Now let's explore of Features, Speed and Reliability of Qualcomm Processor Snapdragon 845 For Mobile Phones in detail: 

   Snapdragon 845 is launched in March 2017. Its prior version was Snapdragon 835 which is also a very good processor. 
 Features of Snapdragon 845: 
    1. HD Videos: This processor enables you to create HDR. i.e. The video quality will be like Hollywood Movies.  This processor has one billion shades of color in the new camera and graphics architecture. 
 In Simple worlds, Snapdragon 845 has an amazing camera quality which you cannot believe. 
       2.   Fast Processing Facial Capture Locks: The New Spectra Architecture can sense the changes in depth.i.e. As small as 0.1mm. This feature of Snapdragon 845 helps to fast facial unlock for the device.  
       3. Smartest Artificial Intelligence: Its third-generation AI will make your phone as your personal assistant, which can recognize your voice and even your voice pattern also.  
  4. Advanced Data Security Features: Snapdragon 845 has advanced features to protect user data from hackers. So they install a separate device (Secure Processing Unit) in the mobile processor to protect user data from theft. This unit will separately process the important data such as password, login details, and credit card information. It is tough to get user details for hackers from this phone. This is the best features of this phone.
    5. No Need to Remember the Pass Code: This phone can recognize your face, fingers, and iris to unlock the phone locks. So you do not need to remember the passcode of your phone. But it is not advisable that you should totally forget your phone passcode. 

 The speed of Snapdragon 845 Processor: 

  1. Very Fast Processor: Snapdragon 845 is a very fast processor because it is built on the technology of 10NM Design and  64 Bit CPU. The clock speed of this processor is up to 2.8 GHz and it has 8 cores of CPU i.e. It has 8 CPU on a single chip system with Kryo 385 CPU. The processor is running on 10nm design (2nd Generation) i.e. 10nm makes the processes run faster. 
 2. Gigabit Connectivity: The wireless connectivity of this processor is very fast. They used Snapdragon X20 LTE modem which provides very fast connectivity. Even in remote areas, the signal strength will be good with like fiber optic speed. So the videos will be run very smoothly and without buffering on this device. 
     The Peak download speed is 1.2 Gbps and Upload speed is 150Mbps. These things make this processor 20% faster than their first generation processors. 
     3. Fast Charging of Battery: The charging capability of this processor is blazing fast. It can charge the battery from 0% to 50% in just 15 minutes. This makes this product amazing. They used Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ which makes these things possible. 
    4. All Day Battery Life: This processor mobile phones have all day battery life, whether you are watching videos or playing games. The battery is very strong in it. 
  Reliability of Snapdragon 845 Processor Mobiles Phones: 
  The customers' view says this processor mobile phones are very reliable. They are very fast and do not hang up. Many popular websites also give positive reviews to this processor phone. Overall, we can say that this phone is very reliable, you can go for it buy a phone with this processor. 

The Names Of Company and Mobile who are using Snapdragon 845 Processor in their mobiles: 
 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Samsung company is using this processor in Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Samsung is a reputable company in the mobile phone platform. The price of this phone is Rs. 67900 in India. 
2. Asus Zenfone 5Z Smartphone: Asus Company also uses this processor in their mobile Zenfone 5Z. This is also a very good phone to buy. The price of this phone is near about 30,000(When this article has been written.). 
3. Sony Xperia XZ2: Sony is a very popular brand in many products. This company is also using this processor in their mobile Sony Xperia XZ2. 

Many other companies also using this processor in their mobile phones such as LG V30, Google Pixel 2, Motorola Moto Z Force and HTC U Ultra etc. 

These all the companies are using this mobile processor because it is very fast and reliable. The Qualcomm companies are famous for its Research and Development method. This company has a good reputation in the market. So you can trust on this processor. 

Conclusion, This is a very good processor overall. The companies try to give their best in this processor. This company has used the latest technology in this processor. This processor is different from other processors because it does not use another processor technology in it. The Company has also launched Snapdragon 850 which is capable to run light notebook. So the Qualcomm is going to give a fight the Intel, AMD and Other Computer Processor Companies in futures. The next version of this processor will be more powerful in the future. So these are the Features, Speed, and Reliability of Qualcomm Processor Snapdragon 845 For Mobile Phones. 
 I hope you would like this article and please comment below to give your feedback. Your feedback gives me advice how can I improve my article more and more.

Sandeep Singh 

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