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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Amazing Cool Command Prompt Tricks For Indian Beginners

Amazing Cool Command Prompt For Indian Beginners : 

CMD is the best way to use the Window Operating System. CMD has many tricks with which we can perform many tasks very easily. Mostly CMD has been used by the professionals and the normal user does not use the Command Prompt in their life. In this article, I will provide you with some tricks and after reading this article, you will be a fan of the CMD.
Amazing Cool Command Prompt For Indian Beginners
Amazing Cool Command Prompt Tricks For Indian Beginners 

CMD is the DOS based. DOS means disk operating system. In the disk operating system, nothing is provided Graphically. Everything is based on the commands. DOS is invented by Microsoft Founder Bill Gates. A user gives the command and computer performs the task. Cmd is very fast as compared to Graphical. Mostly professional likes to work through CMD. 
Let's us see the Amazing Cool Command Prompt Tricks For Indian Beginners. 

1. Powercfg: The Powercfg Commands are used in the windows cmd to configure the power usage. You can do the following things to your power mange with this command: 
     - Turn On/Off Hibernate Mode: With this command, you can turn off your computer hibernate mode On/Off very easily.
   C:\) Powercfg / hibernate on turns on the hibernate mode.
   C:\) Powercfg / hibernate off will turn off the hibernate mode. 
   - To See PC Power Saving States:  You can see all the power saving states of your system with the following command and press enter: 
 C:\) Powercfg  -a  
  -  Power Consumption Report:  A user can build a power consumption report of his system with this command also. This command is very useful when a user wants to check the power usage of his server. Type the following command in cmd and press enter:
C:\) Powercfg / energy 

2. Cipher: This command is used to encrypt or decrypt any text file. This command is for the data security purpose of the user.
When a user encrypts the file with this command the file will open only this computer only and if someone tries to open this file on another system, then they will be opened in an encrypted format. 
After the encryption, the color of the file will be green in your system. 
A user should be in the directory where the file is located in the system to use this command. 
Type the following command to encrypt the file and press enter: 
C:\) Cipher /e
To decrypt type and press enter:
C:\) Cipher /d

3. Hide Files: A user can easily hide files graphically and this method is popular to hide files in the system. 
But this method has a big drawback that anyone can easily unhide your files.
The files hide through command prompt is tough to show. 
A user should be in that directory where files are located. Type the following command and press enter: 
C:\) attrib +h +r +s filename.txt
h - stands for hide
r - stands for read
s - system
To show the file again:
attrib -h -r -s filename.txt

4. User Management: A admin can manage the user with the graphical mode, but this mode is time-consuming. 
So to quickly manage the user if you have lots of users on your system, then CMD is the best method. 
Use Following Command and press enter, then the system will ask to enter and re-enter the password of that user. 
C:\) net user SandeepPooni*
       type the password of user:
       Retype the password to confirm: 

5. To See IP Address: If a user wants to see the IP address of his own computer or friend's computer, then he/she can easily see IP address with ipconfig command. 
C:\) ipconfig 

6. To See Current Running Tasks: To see which tasks are running on your computer the Tasklist command is very useful for a user. You can use the more advanced option with this command than the Task Manager Graphically. 
 - To Show all Task which is currently running type the following command:
    C:\) tasklist
  - To show services related to a task using the command: 
  C:\) tasklist  -svc
 - To obtain more detail about a task use command: 
      C:\) tasklist   -v
   - To locate .dll files for related to a task use command:
       C:\) tasklist -m
   - To troubleshoot the system task list also useful. Admin can kill a task with this command also. 
      C:\) tasklist - pid 3212
 pid - It is the process id and every task has pid or name. 

7. List Installed Drivers: Drivers are very essential part of the system software. Any missing or improperly configure driver can cause many problems in the system. So a user should know which driver is installed on his system. A user can easily check which drivers are installed on his machine by using command driverquery. 

Type the command and press enter: 
 C:\) driverquery 

To see more detail about driver including the directory where the driver is installed, then use the command:
 C:\) driverquery - v

8. List Open Ports: Netstat - a command listsall the ports which are on your system. This command is also useful to troubleshoot the system if a malicious code is running in your system. A user can check on which port that code is running. 
It provides the detail about ports such as the IP address of the port and state of port i.e. Listening, Established or Closed. 
C:\) netstat -an

9. Check System Information: Systeminfo is a useful command to check the information about the system such as Processor info, Motherboard info, and Ram etc. 
C:\) systeminfo

10. Repair/Scan System Files: SFC /SCANNOW  is a useful command to scan and repair the corrupt windows files. This command automatically repairs windows files which are corrupted. 
C:\) sfc / scannow

There are also many other useful commands in DOS. I just list 10 commands of the DOS. These are very powerful commands which help a lot of users. Actually, every command of DOS helps the user to his work faster than the Graphical Interface. But user finds tough to type the commands. That's why most user likes graphic interface. In fact, the DOS commands works faster and gives lots of knowledge to the user.
In conclusion, if you use DOS commands to do work on the computer, then you will work faster as well as understand the system. 

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