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Friday, September 7, 2018

History, Difference, Pros Or Cons of Linux and Windows Operating System

History, Difference, Pros Or Cons of Linux and Windows Operating System: 

Both the Systems has their own importance in the market. Both Linux and Windows have an interesting history of its birth. The Founder of the both Operating Systems is masterminded. Linux is designed by Linus Torvalds while Windows is created by Bill Gates. I will try to touch every aspect of both the systems.
History, Difference, Pros Or Cons of Linux and Windows Operating System
History, Difference, Pros Or Cons of Linux and Windows Operating System
History of Linux : 
The Linux was developed by the Linus Torvalds in 1991. He just started to make an operating system because he wanted to use his PC Processor independently without any restriction. So he started to make the operating system just as a Hobby which later became a popular operating system. 
At starting he rejected the Name "Linux" of his operating system. He chooses the name "Freak"  means Free. 

But one of his volunteer administrator of the File Transfer Protocol Server changes the name Freak to Linux as he though the Freak was not a good name. After Linus also accepted this name. 

Then Linus also gave Official Mascot to the Linux that was a Penguin because once in the childhood a penguin bit him on a visit to the zoo. 

Linus wanted that everyone in this world should have the freedom to make an operating system according to his needs so he put this software under GNU General Public License, a free license software for everyone.

History of Windows:  

The Window is associated with Microsoft. Actually, it is a product of Microsoft. First, The Founder of Microsoft, The Bill Gates created MS-DOS (Microsoft - Disk Operating System). The DOS was totally CUI (Character User Interface). A user cannot do anything Graphically and every task was done by Command Line. 
After the Microsoft launches Windows 1.0 which has graphical shell i.e. This window can do some work graphically, it has more memory and had fast processing. Then after that, Microsoft never looked back and now we running Window 10. 

Now let's explore the Both the Operating System Simultaneously. 

Linux Vs Window:

1. Target Audience: Window has the targeted audience. The window is mostly used by those people who do not have much knowledge about the computer i.e. Just people don't want to handle the operating system bugs by themselves. The specific audience just wants that their system works well and they are happy to run simple applications like office, internet, music, and Photoshop.
Linux is for the Computer Professional who has no issues to handle the operating system manually. Professional likes to find the security loops in The OS, cracking the software, internet security and change the OS code according to them. These kinds of freedom are only given by the Linux OS. So Linux targeted audience is Computer Professional. 

2. Open Source: The Big advantage of Linux OS is that it is the open source. Open source means that a person can change the operating system code according to his personnel requirement and business model. 
Any company can hire computer professional and modify the Linux Kernel code according to their requirement. That's why many big companies like Amazon, Facebook and NASA, etc server use the operating system Linux. 
This Freedom of Code makes the Linux popular in big firms as well as computer professionals. 

3. Pricing: The another best merit of the Linux is that it is free of cost. You don't have to give a single penny to anyone for Linux. Just, Download the Linux from the Internet and install it. Your system is ready to use for Linux. 
The window is paid Operating System. A user has to pay some money to Microsoft to use their product. This is bid demerits of the window.
4. Old Hardware: The Linux can run on old software as well. By changing the Linux code, a person can make it compatible with any hardware. This is another power of the Linux, which enhance its popularity. 
The window cannot run on old software because Microsoft does not support old software. Moreover, a user can not change the Window to make it compatible with older software. 

5. Ease of Use: In ease of use, Window wins the battle. This is the main reason of window skyrocket popularity in the common man. In the window, a user can do many things with the click of the mouse like troubleshooting the system bugs just with the click of the mouse. Moreover, Everything in it is graphical and with a click, the user can do anything in the window. Actually, Window is the user-friendly operating system.  
Linux is not user-friendly. The user has to do many things manually. A user can not troubleshoot system problem with just a click. The user should have some technical knowledge about Linus code to solve the problem. 

6. Security: Linux is very much secure as compared to Window. Because any organization can change the kernel design, working, and maintenance. So it is tough for hackers to get the knowledge about the Linux Kernel. That's why Hackers can not crack any Linux OS code easily. So it is more secure. 
While Windows is not very much secure. It has many loopholes. These loopholes can easily be cracked by hackers. 

7. Support: Windows has always provided the support to its user. If a user has issues and OS cannot handle these issues automatically or with troubleshooting, then the user can contact Microsoft for Help and Microsoft provides the support to its user. 
Linux has less support as compared to the window because it is maintained by a volunteer community. Sometimes, nobody has time to provide the support to a user. This is the disadvantage of Linux.

8. License: The Linux under GNU General Public Licence, which is a free software license to everybody in the world. This License provides the freedom to change the Linux code and also distribution to it other also. 
The window is under private license. Window hides its code to the user. That's why the user can not change the Window OS code. 
In conclusion, Both the operating system has pro and cons. It depends upon the user what is his requirement. According to the requirement, the user can choose his OS. 

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