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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Detail Gyan or Knowledge Of Best Laptops For You in Indian Market

Detail Knowledge About Laptops: 

Those laptops are good which has a long life and works very fast. There are many companies in the market who manufacture laptops, but I think The HP, DELL, and ACER are the 3 top companies in Indian Market.  In this article, I will provide you detail knowledge about the portable PC so that when you buy it you should know what to buy or not. 
Detail  Gyan or Knowledge Of Best Laptops For You in Indian Market
Detail  Gyan or Knowledge Of Best Laptops For You in Indian Market
One thing you should know before buying the laptops that Desktop PC are more stronger and has a long life as compared to Laptops. It is your preference and Financial Status what you want to buy?

Why We Want to Buy Laptops as Compared to Desktop?
Laptops are Portable PC i.e. The Laptop gets easily fits in your house or you can carry it to anywhere with ease while Desktop can not provide this facility. Laptop required less space than Desktop. More Over, Laptops look stylish as compare to the Desktop. 

Which Processor Is Best For Me?
This depends upon your requirement and financial status. If you have money near about Rs 20,000 then go with the Processor AMD. 
If you want to go above this amount then you have to buy Intel Processor, which are best in the market. 
If you want to buy the Laptop for Internet, Movies, Music and Light Software then The Processor i3 of Inter is good enough for you as the high power processor is useful for you because you don't have requirement of it. The i3 processor has two cores (2 CPU) in it which will be quite fast for your tasks. 
If You want to run Photoshop, Video Rendering and Some High-Performance Games then i5 (4 CPU) is the best suite for you. 

If you want to run very high definition games or heavy software such as Maya (A Animation Software) then i7 (6-8 CPU) processor is the best for you. 

What is Processor Frequency?
The Processor Frequency is the On-Off of Circuit on the motherboard in the computer. The Faster the Frequency the, the processor will work fast. But sometimes older processor also has the same frequency with an old model. This does not mean that both working speeds is the same. Suppose the old model takes 5 on-off circuits switching from one task, then the new version can do that task in just one on-off cycle of the CPU. This means New Model is five times faster than the Old Model Processor. 1 GHz means that a computer can perform 1 billion times on-off cycle in one second. 

What is 14nm and 28nm in Processor?

This is the distance between the Transistor in the CPU. If the distance is less then the CPU will consume less power as well as the signal will be transferred faster to the next transistor. So the 14nm processor is faster as compared to 28nm. 

What is DDR3 or DDR4  RAM?
DDR3 and DDR4 are both very fast RAM. But DDR4 is much faster than DDR3 because it has the latest and small architecture design. The DDR4 design is small, so it consumes less power also. The clock speed of DDR4 is faster so it transfers faster than DDR3. DDD3 maximum speed is the minimum starting speed of DDR4. So DDR4  is much much faster than the DDR3. DDR4 is much expensive than DDR3 because it is the latest technology and the latest technology is always costlier. 

What is a Graphics Card in Computers?

Graphics card main function is to process the graphics for the computer. When we saw HD videos and the picture clarity is very high, then all is happening due to the graphics card. Actually, the CPU just process instruction and while the GPU will decide which image will be shown on which part of the screen. Then after processing the image the whole image or video is displayed on the screen. This all the process is done so fast that we can catch it with normal human eyes. Actually, GPU process 60 frames per second .i.e. In a second it forms 60 images while we can see them all as one image. So, in short, all the image processing is done by Graphics card. 

What are 64 bit and 32-bit operating system?

The 64 bit and 32 bit are the bits which are processed by the processor. If a processor is processing large bits then it is processing data faster as compared to less bit processing. So 64-bit operating system is the fastest operating system as it can process a large amount of data in a short time as compared to the 32-bit operating system. The 64-bit operating system provides more memory to the CPU register so that's why it is fast. The 32-bit system can handle only 4 GB of RAM while the 64-bit system can handle 18-billion GB of RAM. This is another big difference between the 32-bit and 64 -bit operating system.
 Another factor which affects your decision on buying the laptop is the Company. Which company laptops are best for You?
This is the big question on everybody's mind. According to me, there are 3 companies in the market which are making good laptops. There are HP, DELL, and ACER. I will prepare HP and DELL over the ACER. 
I am personally using the laptop of DELL from the past 6 years and it works fine till yet. My experience is very good with DELL. 
One of My friends is using HP laptops before me when I started using DELL. His experience with HP is also amazing. 
That's Why I prefer Dell and HP over the ACER. ACER is also good. 
I think a person should buy a laptop with i3 because it will be faster and have a long life. Below this, the performance will be low and a lifetime of the laptop is not guaranteed. 
I think this article provides good knowledge about the Laptops if you find this article useful for you then please comment below. If you want that I write about some specific topic, then please comment below and tell me the name of that topic. I will definitely write about that topic as soon as possible. 


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