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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Desktop Vs Laptop Full Gyan or Information With Deep Details

 Desktop Vs Laptop Full Gyan or   Information  With Deep Details: 

Everybody gets confused when a person wants to buy a computer. There is always a big question in mind which is best Desktop or Laptop. Many people do not have the right knowledge so they take a wrong decision. So, this article will help those people a lot. After reading this article nobody will get confused with this question again. 
Desktop Vs Laptop Full Gyan or Information With Deep Details
Desktop Vs Laptop Full Gyan or Information With Deep Details
Let's compare these two machines on the basis of following points:
1. Price: The price is the biggest factor what you want to buy. The desktop is cheaper than Laptops. The same configuration of Laptop can be bought with cheap price in Desktops. Between Desktops, we have lots of choice, such as if a specific component of a company is costlier than that component can be bought of another company in desktops. While in Laptops everything is inbuilt, we don't have any option. 

2. Strength: Desktops are stronger than Laptops. They have a long life than Laptops. The laptop is a soft thing. You have to handle it care while Desktops are like a beast. Because their component is stronger than Laptops components. 

3. Gaming: If you want to play high definition games, then Desktops are the best choice than Laptops. You can insert strong Graphics Cards in Desktops while Laptops Graphic Cards have less power than Desktops Graphic Cards. Laptops Graphics Cards are less stronger because the Graphics cards generate lots of heat and Laptops has less space. If Laptops Graphic Cards generate lots of heat than Laptop can easily be heated. While Desktops have many spaces available and you can place more fans in Desktop to handle the Heat of Graphics Cards. 

4. Upgradability: Upgradability in the sense of increasing power of the machine, In this battle again Desktop wins. Because we can easily upgrade the Desktop as the just open two-three screw of it and insert the component which you want to install in it. For example, if we want to increase the RAM, then just open the Desktop side panel and install the RAM in the slot. Moreover, we can easily other components such as Sound Card, Capture Card and Other USB slots which will increase Desktops power while these things can be installed on Laptops also but it is a complex task for a common man. 

5. Repair: Laptops can be repaired only by a professional only while Desktops can be repaired by a person who some knowledge about computer. Because a person can easily open the Desktop and can touch every part of the Desktop such as Motherboard, RAM and Hard Disk etc. While this is a complex task for a person who has a small knowledge about Laptop. 

6. Screen Size: In this field again Desktops wins. The Desktop comes with big screens and we can extend Desktop Screen up to 38 inches while Laptop screen size can be maximum up to 17 inches. So if the screen size is important for you then go for Desktop otherwise you can buy Laptops also. Moreover, The Desktops big screen is inexpensive as compared to Laptop screen. 

7. Power: In this point, Laptop wins from The Desktop.  A Laptop consume less power as compared to A Desktop. The Laptop component is less powerful than Desktop so they consume less power. If you live in a remote area and you need a computer for Work and for your performance does not matter, just work should go on, then Laptop is the best choice for you. Moreover, the backup of the Laptop is more than Desktop. The Laptop battery can provide you the backup of 2-3 hours. On the other hand, Desktop UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) provides back-up of only 15-20 minutes only. More power backup is another big advantage of the Laptop. 

8. Usability: Usability means how easily you can use the device. Here again, Laptop wins because it requires less space as compared to desktop. A person can use a Laptop easily anywhere, such as in the bedroom, dining room and on the roof etc. While this is not possible with the desktop. In usability, the major factor is space and Laptop requires less space to use it while we can use Desktop anywhere it requires a specific place to use. 

9. Processing: The both the device has equal performance in this field. But latest processor technology comes first for the Desktop than for the Laptop. For Laptop the companies make mobile type processor because the laptop has less space available within it. it takes time to make the mobile type processor for the companies and sometimes companies take 6 months to make the same technology for the laptops. So any latest technology processor is built for the Desktop first than Laptops.  

10. Portability: This area is totally related to Laptop. Laptops are portable which is the main reason the birth of Laptop. A person can carry a Laptop anywhere with no difficulty. The Portability covers all the limitation of Laptop as compared to the Desktop. Most people in the city have less space and also want to carry their system with them the office to home and other places also. So in this field Laptop fits perfectly. 

The desktop has its own importance as well as Laptop. The decision to buy which machine is based on the requirement of the person. For some person, the desktop is best while for others laptops are perfect. Some people want both the things in their life. 

In conclusion, If you the performance, screen size, upgradability, price, strength is important for you then you should go for the desktop. For these reasons, the desktop is a perfect choice for you. But if you want portability, usability and low power usage, then Laptop is the best suite for you. 

I think I will give you deep details about Desktop Vs Laptop. If you like this information, please comment below and also share this information with your friends. Your comments give the motivation to write more about these kinds of the topic in the future. Moreover, if you want that I write about some specific topic for you then please comment in the comment box, I will definitely write about that topic as soon as possible. 


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