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Friday, September 28, 2018

Indian On Moon Chandrayaan-2

Indian On Moon Chandrayaan-2 

India's next Chandrayaan-2 has many features. These features will help India to explore the Land of Moon in more details. India's First Moon Mission was very successful because the Chandrayaan-1 had found water on the earth. India is hoping with Chandrayaan-2 will be more successful as compared to the first mission.  With Chandrayaan-2, India will give more competition in the space race to the country like China and Japan.
Indian On Moon Chandrayaan-2
Indian On Moon Chandrayaan-2
Chandrayaan-2 will be more advanced than Chandrayaan-1. It will search the lunar of the Moon in detail and tried to find the water cubes on the soil of The Moon. Before discussing the Chandrayaan-2, we should know that what is the benefits of the human to explore the Moon. 

Why does human want to explore the Moon?

The human has utilized the resources of Earth at a rapid speed. One day these resources will vanish and the Earth will not be suitable to live. So human needs a planet which has the resources to live. Moon is nearest to Earth and Scientist believed that it can have the resources which man required. That's why the many countries are in the race to know more and more about the Moon. 

Now, we will see the features of Chandrayaan-2 in detail

1. Made in India: Chandrayaan-2 will be fully made in India. ISRO, who is making this project, will make its all part in India and nothing will be taken outside India. 

Chandrayaan-2 has three parts and all these parts will be made in India. This mission is three parts are Orbiter, Lander and Rover. 

The Lander - A Lander is a device which helps the Chandrayaan-2 to land on the Moon. Lander main motive to land the rover without any damage. 

The Rover: A Rover is also a device which will be detached from the Orbiter when Orbiter reaches in orbit of Moon in one month after launching. The Rover is actually a robot which will move around the Moon surface and collect. This rover has six wheels which help it move around the Moon. This data will be sent to Orbiter and It will transfer this data further. 

The Orbiter - The Orbiter will orbit around the Sun. The orbiter will send information to ISRO which it gets from the Rover of Chandrayaan-2.

2. Cost (800Cr): The Cost of Chandrayaan-2 is less than some movies in Hollywood. It is a big achievement of India product to make such an advanced in so less cost. This mission cost is less than Hollywood movie Interstellar(10001cr).

3. South Pole: India will land the Chandrayaan-2 on the South Pole of Moon. The South Pole of Moon has not been researched so much yet. India thinks that there is a great possibility of the water cube in the South Pole of Moon. No country reached on the South Pole of Moon and NASA also wants to research on the South Pole of Moon. 

4. The Weight: The Chandryaan-2 has the weight of 3250 Kg. The whole weight has been carried by the GSLV MK II.

5. Sensor: It has a very advanced sensor which will test the Moon's soil, rock, and ice. These sensors are built will laser technology, which helps it to test the Moon surface easily. 

6. India's First Rover: With this mission, India will land first Rover of it on the Moon. Chandrayaan-1 was not land on the Moon, but Chnadrayaan-2 will land on the Moon. This will help India to research more deeply about space and Moon. 

7. 14 Days: Rover will rove on Moon's Surface for 14 days. This will search many parts of the South Pole of Moon. After that, it will make stationary on Moon Surface because it has the energy to rove for 14 days. This is also a complex task to move the rover around the Moon's Surface. 

These are some features of this project. First India wants that Russia will help India to complete this project. Russia has more advanced space technology, which India does not have yet. That's why India wants help from Russia. But Russia drops this project because of the budget problem. Then, India decides that India will complete this project alone without any help. 

Every country wants to utilize the space more and more. The future wars will be fought from space. So, every country wants to be master of space technology as soon as possible and India is making its space in space technology at a rapid pace. Still, India is far behind in space technology from China, Russia, and The USA. 

Final Words

Chandrayaan-2 can be a game changer for India. It will show India's power in space technology. Chandrayaan-2 will help India to know more about space as well as space.


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