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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Top 10 Google Chrome Must Have Best Extensions 2018-19

Google Chrome Best Extensions 2018-19

These extensions are amazing and make your life more comfortable with the Chrome browser. The Google Chrome Best Extensions will fill your browsing experience with more features. The Google play store has lots of extensions and it is tough to choose which is best. This article Google Chrome Best Extensions will help you to choose best for you from millions of extensions. 
Top 10 Google Chrome Must Have Best Extensions 2018-19
Google Chrome Best Extensions
These Google Chrome Best Extensions are also working over the chromium-based web browser. There are two main chromium based browser Vivaldi and Opera. These Google Chrome Best Extensions have no issues with these browsers and work fine on these two browsers.  These two browsers are also quite popular after Google Chrome. So Google Chrome Best Extensions are best because of two reasons i.e. Amazing features and works on other platforms also.

Now we will see in detail the Google Chrome Best Extensions:

1. Full Page Screen Capture:  The Full Page Screen Capture is very useful to the user. Many screens capture extensions have captured the screen which is visible. But this extension can capture the screenshot of the whole website with just one click of a button. Moreover, a user can save this capture an image in PNG or JPEG formats. 

2. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essential: This is the best extension in Google Chrome Best Extensions article. This extension provides the security to the user which is very essential to every user on the internet. This extension does not allow the websites to track you by blocking the tracker from the websites. This extension forces the website to change the Privacy Grade by blocking their hidden script on the website. 

Suppose a website has a Privacy Grade D then it will enhance that Privacy Grade D to B by blocking the trackers. 

In Short, this piece of code helps us to stay secure form Companies and Adds that trying to track our data. 

One more thing, There is a browser DuckDuckGo which does not allow to track its user. You can also use that browser to stay more secure on the internet. 

3. LOOM: This extension is also amazingly useful to the user who wants to record their screen easily. It is very easy to use an extension to record the screen with one click of a button. It records the screen as well as the webcam just with one click. A user can trim the recorded video from beginning, end and anywhere in between with this extension. A user can leave reactions in the video.

This extension provides unlimited storage to its user so don't worry about space in your computer. Moreover, it provides High-Quality Videos in Mp4 format, Easily shareable, and no limit for recording hours or times. 

4. PANDA 5: It is an extension which helps to browse the multiple websites at the same time. So if you are visiting the multiple websites then this is the best extension to visit all the website in one place. This helps to reduce the user distraction by providing its layout to read the article. A user can use many types of layout to read the article in the PANDA5. 

5. FoxClocks: This is another the best extension for the user which I am going to explain in Google Chrome Best Extensions. FoxClocks is used to display the world clock in your browser.

If your relatives in another country or your clients, then this is the time saver extension for you. With this, a user does not need to find the time of another country. A user can set the list of the countries whose time zone the user wants to display in its browser window. 

It can display the time of many countries in your browser. A user can bold the time zone, which is more important for him/her.  

Moreover,  it updates the time zone automatically when the time zones have been updated. So a user will always get the right time for itself.

6. Hover Zoom: With this extension, a user can zoom or enlarge the picture without going to click and open in a new tab. It shows the picture view larger than the normal size. So there is no need to load the image in new page or tab. 

It saves the times to view the images. Just take your cursor over the image and it will be shown in the larger view than normal size.  

7. Super Netflix: This extension is for the Netflix user only. It provides more control to the Netflix user, such as to manage video bitrate, skip the intro, and blur out. 

8. Mercury Reader: It helps the user to read the article without any distractions. When a user reads the article, then there are many ads which are running or pops up appearing in the window. These things distract the user from the reading. 

Mercury Reader cleans up all the extra stuff from a web page and makes the text more readable to the user. 

9. uBlock Origin: This extension stop the ads appearing in your browser window. And these ads annoy the user because it appears in the middle of the text also. So that's why it irritates more to a person. 

But uBlock Origin is the best extension to stop these ads in your browser. In this extension, you can also allow a website to show its ads to you. This extension provides this control to the user if the user wants to see the ads.

10. Extensity: Last but not least, Sometimes you feel tired to enable or disable the extension in your browser. But this problem has been solved by the extension Extensity. It provides the quick control to the user to enable or disable any extension in its browser. 

Final Words
These extensions will make life easier and enjoyable in the world of surfing on the internet. You can control the behavior of your browser with these extensions. There are lots of other extensions which can also be useful for you and I listed only ten from them

I hope you like the article Google Chrome Best Extensions, and if you like the article please comment below. 


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