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Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Apple iOS12 New Smart Features, Changes and Shortcuts For The User

The Apple iOS12 New Smart Features, Changes and Shortcuts For The User:

The Apple iOS 12 has been launched with new smart features, changes, and shortcuts. These features are very interesting. The Apple tried to give new looks to its iOS with new smart features. 
The Apple iOS12 New Smart Features, Changes and Shortcuts For The User
iOS 12 

Let's see The Apple iOS12 New Smart Features, Changes and Shortcuts For The User: 

1. Notification in stack or group: First in iOS 11 the notification from same person or groups showed individually on the screen. But in the iOS12 the notification or messages from the same person or group will be shown in the stack. You can delete the entire message or notification of entire person or group with one click. Moreover, you can delete the entire message or notification from all with one click but in  iOS11, a user has to delete these ones by one. 

2. Automatically Update of Software: Now in iOS 12, a user can update the software automatically. In the earlier version, a user has to do it manually. Now the software can be download overnight, but to install the software, a phone should be connected to charging and wi-fi. The iOS 12 provides the control to update the software automatically or manually in the hands of the user. A user can set these preferences on the iPhone.

3. QR Code: An earlier version of iOS, the user can scan the QR Code from the camera, but now the iOS 12 provides this option separately with a new app. You can also scan the QR Code with Camera. The New QR Code app can be added to the control center very easily. 

4. Smart Siri with Custom Shortcuts: Now you can create the Customize shortcuts with Siri. There is an option in Siri and Search option in iPhone with which you can create custom shortcuts with the Siri. Suppose you create a shortcut The Local Weather. When you will ask local weather to the Siri, it will show the local weather on the screen. In this way, you can create the shortcuts as per your requirement in iOS 12. 

5. New Emoji: The new version of Apple software, include the best new emoji to the user. These emoji are quite good. Moreover, a user can create the emoji according to your face. According to your face, you can pick the shape of your face, eyebrow, forehead, hair, and ear etc. 

6. Smart Do Not Disturb: In the earlier version, there is no option in Do Not Disturb. Now, The Apple makes Smart Do not Disturb. Now it has new options to enable it to a particular location or time like For 1 Hour, Until this evening and Until I leave this location. The user should 3D touch or Click on it to see these options in Do Not Disturb. Moreover, you can schedule your Do Not Disturb as per your requirement which is very amazing. 

7. Smart Screen Time: This is a very interesting option provided by the Apple company. This option is also very highlighted by Apple in his press conference about iOS12. This option tells how much time you have spent on your phone screen. It provides all the details such as how much time you spend on whatapp, facebook and twitter etc. Moreover, you can control your time spent on the particular application. 

You have to set the limit for usage of that application for which you want to limit your time span. After that time, you will get a notification that you can not use this application more for today. Although, the user can change settings at any time still this is very good for the user. 

Moreover, a user can control the family time also on the phone such as to control the children to limit their time on the phone. And the preferences, which a user set in his smart screen will automatically set on other devices of the user such as mac iPad or laptop. 

8. Measure the New App: With this app, a user can check the level and measure the length of anything with the camera. First, the level option was in compass, but now this in the measuring app. 
Secondly, with this app, a user can measure the length of a device or other things. 

9. New Layout of Battery Option: The iOS 12 provides the new layout the battery option which is very awesome. A user can check which app uses more battery of the user. Also, a battery health will provide the details about the battery health. 
Moreover, in low power mode, now a user can use the Siri option also. 

10. iBooks to Book: The app name iBooks have changed to Book. Also, the layout of iBooks has been changed. The new layout is very good. This layout is very much readable and more options are provided in it such as audiobooks. 

11. New Voice Memo Layout: The voice memo layout has been changed with more options are provided in it. Now a user can trim his voice memo from iPhone and many others things. 

12. New Option in Music App: Now a user can search a song by lyrics also. Moreover, if you search for a singer search by its name then you can see its video in the music app. And all the songs can be played off the singer in just one click with the all the information about the singer which you have searched.

In conclusion, the overall iOS12 is very good software. It is very fast as compared to earlier version although it is a little bit heavier than the earlier version. But the camera works fast and touch is improved more in this update. So a user can update his phone to iOS12. It will make the phone more usable to the user. 

If you like this article, please comment below. Your feedback help to improve my article more and more. If you did not like the article, still please comment below, that will also help to improve me more and more. Moreover, if you want that I write about a particular article for you then please also comment below. I will write about the article as soon as possible. 

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