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Friday, September 21, 2018

Amazing and Interesting Facts About India

Amazing and Interesting Facts About India:

India is a great and highly populated country. It is the at 2nd place in the population after China. The majority of the population in Indian is of Hindu so that why it is all called Hindustan. India has a very great and large history. There live many religious people with peace and supporting each other. Actually, Indian lives all over the world and they are called N.R.I. i.e. Non-Resident Indian. The majority of N.R.I. is from Punjabi. The Punjabi lives in Punjab, which is the amazing state of India. There are many amazing and interesting facts about India, which I will tell you in this article. 
Amazing and Interesting Facts About India
Amazing and Interesting Facts About India 

Let's See the Amazing and Interesting Facts About India: 

1. The Floating Post Office: India has the largest network of Post Office in the world. The Indian Post Office has a different kind of post office, which is called the Floating Post office in Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated on the Dal Lake in the Jammu. It is a very different kind of Post-office in the world which is working in the water.  

2. Mawsynram Village: This village is famous for its raining. This village has the world's most raining record. This village is situated in Meghalaya. 

3. Bandra Sea Link: The Bandra Worli Sea Link is very famous for its some construction features. The weight of this link is equal to the 50,000 African Elephant. The labor of 2 Crore 7 Lakh people had been used to construct this sea link of India. The Earth can be bound with these cables which are used to make this sea link.

4. Shampoo Inno: It is believed that Shampoo is invented in India. In Ancient India, the herbs are used to wash their heads by the Indian people while in the modern world, the companies are using Chemical. These chemicals are not good for health.

5. Kabaddi: Kabaddi is the famous Game of Punjab. Punjab is a great state of India. People in the Punjab love to play and watch Kabaddi. All the World Cup of Kabaddi is won by India and most of the players of Indian Kabaddi team are from Punjab. The main rival of India in Kabaddi is Pakistan.

6.  Water on Moon: The Indian Space Shuttle Chandrayaan-1 has found the water on the moon. India is the first country which found water on the moon even before America. This spacecraft is made by The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). This is a Great Achievement of India in Space Research. 

7. Science Day: The Science Day of Switzerland is celebrated on that day when Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam landed on the soil of Switzerland. This is the great est honor for Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and India. He was a great scientist of India who is also called as the Missile Man of India. 

8. Half Salary by President: Indian First President  Dr. Rajinder Parshad took half of the salary when he was The President of India. He loved his country so much and for the growth of India, this decision was taken by him. He was a very good Politician and Layer by training. 

9. First Missile Of India: The Indian First Missile has interesting fact. It was a very light missile. This missile was not carried by large truck or other vehicles. It is carried to launching by a cycle. A person puts the missile on the cycle carrier and took it the launching pad. The Pad was in Thumba Thiruvananthapuram which is in Kerala. Today's missile so big that it is carried on a large vehicle.  

10. Spa for Elephant: This is the interesting fact about India that there is a Spa for Elephant. It is true. This spa is in Kerala. All the elephants in this spa get massage and bath. The elephant also gets good food in this spa. Nowhere other places in the world have a spa for the elephants. 

11. Vegetarian: Most of the vegetarian in the world are in India. India is a religious country and there are many religions in India. Most of the religions prohibit people to eat any kind of non-veg. Even, according to many religion eggs is also a non-veg food. This is the big reason the most of the vegetarian is found in India than any other place in the world. Second Reason is that Indian other good resources to eat such as Wheat and Rice. So people prefer to eat the more vegetarian diet that the non-vegetarian diet. But still, in India, many people like to eat non-veg also. In many marriages in India, non-veg has served as a food for the guests. 

12. Human Calculator: One of an Indian lady got the title of Human Calculator. The name of this lady is Shakuntala Devi. She was also called as Human Computer. She got this title because she calculated the mathematical term of 13 digits in just 28 seconds. This is impossible for a normal person. This can be done by a calculator type person so that's why she is called as Human Calculator. Her name is also in The Guinness Book of The World Record. 

13. The Anthem of Bangladesh: The anthem of Bangladesh is written by an India. This is written by the Rabinder Nath Tagore. He also wrote the Anthem of his own country India. 

14. Major Dhyan Chand: The magician of the Hockey is called Major Dhyan Chand. He was offered German Citizenship and a high-rank post in the German Army by the German government. But he refused this offer and prefer to play for his native country India. German Government offered this post because Indian Major Dhyan Chand was unbeaten by all other countries so they want him in there Hockey team. India beat the German in Berlin Olympic by 8-1 and major was uncontrollable for Germans. 

15. Polling Booth in Gir Forest:  Indian election commission has made a polling booth in the Gir Forest. There is only one polling booth in the Gir Forest because their lives a person. So the election commission of India makes this polling booth for one person which is the quite amazing thing. 

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