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Friday, October 5, 2018

TV Gyan - Things to remember while buying tv in 2018-19

Things To Remember While Buying The TV In 2018-19

You will get the best tv for yourself if you remember these points while buying the tv. You can easily judge good or bad tv if these things you remember while buying the TV. Remember, while buying the tv, the shopkeeper claims too much to sell its product. In short, keep in mind some points which I am going to explain in this article while buying the tv. 
TV Gyan - Things to remember while buying  tv in 2018-19
Remember While Buying The TV
There are many good companies who make amazing tv for its user, such as Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, and Sharp etc. All the tv manufacturing companies make good tv and it is your requirement and budget to buy which companies' tv. 

Let's start the main specification while buying the tv in 2018-19:

1. Space: Space is the major factor while buying the tv. Space will decide that how larger tv is you going to buy. If you have a smaller size than a person will buy a small tv and vice versa. So before buying, please consider the space for installing the tv. If the space is small and you buy a big tv then it will create a problem for you.

2. Size multiplied by 1.5: There is a rule in the world that a person should maintain a minimum distance from the tv to watch it. So the right distance between the human and tv can be measured by multiplying the size of tv by 1.5. Suppose the size of your TV is 32 inches so the right distance to watch the tv is 32 x 1.5= 48 inches.

This distance is important because it will save your eyesight as well as provides the best quality to watch your tv. i.e. You will enjoy watching tv more and more. 

3. Resolution: There are mainly four types of resolutions .i.e. 720 x 480 (DVD), 1280 x 780 (HD), 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), and 3840 x 2160 (4x 1080). 
In other words, the resolution means pixels. The more pixels mean a better quality of the tv. 

If you want to buy a tv, then try to buy a Full HD because, in the future, the HD will be outdated soon. 

Full HD has better quality than HD. With Full HD the pixels does not burn out while you are watching the tv from too closely. 

So A Full HD is a minimum resolution requirement according to me. 

4. Refresh Rate: The refresh rates mean to refresh the frames per seconds. The more frames refresh per second will provide better quality to the user. So the minimum requirement of refresh rate is  60 Hz per seconds. Anything less than 60 Hz will provide poor quality of the picture in the future. 

5. LCD Vs OLED: There are mainly two types of Screen LCD and LED. The LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. 

The major difference between LCD and LED is  Power consumption. On the back side of LCD Screen, the CFL has been used while in LED Screen the LED Panel is used. So the LED consumes less power, so that's why people prefer LED Screen more. 

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. On OLED Screen, there is a single LED for a single pixel. On OLED Screen, every pixel has its own LED light to generate colors while LCD has a CFL and LED has a LED Panel. 

OLED will have much better quality than LCD and LED as it has the more light source at the back end to generate pics and colors.

6. Ports: The port is another important factor while buying the tv. There should be minimum two HD Port and Two USB Port in a tv. Because if we have two HD Port and USB Port then we can attach other devices easily in the tv otherwise our tv will make our life busy to change the cables in the back of the tv to attach extra devices.  

7. Curve TV Vs Flat TV: Nowadays, people more prefer Flat TV. There are two reasons for it.

First, The flat tv can be installed easily on the wall as well on the table. While the Curve TV is Tuff to install on the wall and it required more space to install on a table. 

Second, In curve tv, a person has to sit in front of a tv if a person sits at more angle than due to curve that person will not able to watch the tv.

8. 3D Vs 2D: For a 3D time, the content should be in also 3d format, but in India, the content is mostly in 2d format. So, now people prefer the 2d tv because the content of 2d is easily available as compared to 3d. 

9. Smart TV Vs Non-Smart TV: The Smart Tv has some extra functionality. In smart tv, a person can watch the content through the internet on tv and can surf internet also such as Facebook and WhatsApp etc. 
Non-Smart TV can only play the content through the cable or set-top box. But it can also work as Smart TV by contenting Amazon Fire Stick and Chrome Cast. 

10. Extended Warranty: A user should always take extended warranty because it provides more security to your tv. The Normal Warranty is of one year if your tv has some problem after a year. Then, you have to repair it, but the repair is very costly of today's tv so it is better to take extended the warranty to save the repair costs of tv. 

Note: Do not use the TV as your computer monitor because a computer monitor has more refresh rate as compared to TV. So if you use the TV as the monitor than the quality of the picture will be very poor. 

Final Thought

While buying the TV, if you consider the above points, then definitely you will buy a good tv for yourself otherwise, the seller sells you the product which you do not need and the product quality will be degraded.


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